Is Laser Hair Removal Actually Permanent?

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When you shave your legs or face, do you ever wonder how much time you would save if you could just permanently remove the hair? Laser hair removal is an FDA-approved form of hair reduction that can prevent you from having to shave or wax ever again. Many people believe that laser hair removal is only semi-permanent. However, for most patients laser hair removal is a permanent procedure, allowing you to go hair-free forever. 


Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis

In order to have permanent hair removal, you need to prevent the hair follicles from producing hair ever again. This involves destroying the hair follicles one by one. As you can imagine, this procedure, known as electrolysis, can be tedious and painful. 

On the other hand, laser hair removal uses high-heat laser beams to remove the hair follicles below the skin. After a series of treatments, the hairs become fainter and thinner and will not grow back.

The Laser Hair Removal Process

One session typically is not enough to tend to all of your hair follicles. This is because hair grows at different rates and will, therefore, be in different stages when you receive your laser hair treatment. After the initial session, the number of hairs declines by 10 to 25 percent, and by the final treatment, about 85%-90% of hair reduction can occur. On average, you may need about 6 to 8 treatments with 4 to 8 week breaks in between the treatments. Approximately 90% of patients have success with one series of laser hair removal treatments. For others, patients may have to have a follow-up treatment in order to get rid of any stragglers.

The time it takes to remove the hair in one session can vary from just a few minutes for a small area to an hour or more for a large area. Skintellect divides the areas of hair removal into small (chin, upper lip, unibrow), medium (underarms, bikini line, inner thighs), and large (chest, abdomen, upper back). Depending on the situation, you may receive an anesthetic gel first, which can take up to an hour for the full effect.


Best Candidates for Laser Hair Treatments

Men and women can have hair removal treatments for a variety of bodily areas; some areas are noted above. Darker hair colors and lighter skin tones work best with this form of treatment. In some cases, the darker hairs not permanently removed can be lightened to appear almost invisible.


Side Effects of Treatment

The most common side effects are mild and temporary, lasting from a few minutes to a few hours. Because of the high heat of the lasers, you may notice swelling, redness, and/or irritation at the treatment site. Also, you may notice skin pigmentation changes—lighter spots if you have darker skin and darker spots if you have lighter skin. Like any procedure, you should follow the dermatologist’s instructions post-session for the best results: do not rub, pluck, or tweeze the treated area and avoid direct sunlight for a period of time. Dead hair follicles are likely to appear at the treated site, as exfoliation takes 10 to 20 days to complete.


Skintellect’s Right Touch

Laser treatment is the safest and most reasonable option for hair reduction. During the procedure, Skintellect technicians check in with you regularly and make sure you are at ease. They can adjust the laser equipment, as well as the cooling systems, to match your particular situation and needs. To more thoroughly discuss the details about what you can expect from a laser hair removal session, contact us at 813.403.6002.

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