Also known as the Vampire Facial, Plasma Facial or PRP Facial.

PRP is concentrated blood plasma that is enriched with platelets; cell fragments that are found in the blood and contain 8 potent growth factors along with other cytokines that stimulate the healing of soft tissue.
Two growth factors in particular, FGF and PDGF, promote cell growth, tissue repair and the production of new collagen.
In the body, platelets are responsible for helping the blood clot and they help rebuild damaged tissue.  Externally, platelets can stimulate your stem cells resulting in the growth of new skin.
PRP is created from the patient’s own blood (thus the “vampire” references in the media). Blood is drawn from the patient’s arm and spun in a centrifuge, which is a device that separates the serum, platelets and white blood cells from the red blood cells. The white blood cells or liquid plasma and the platelets are then collected forming PRP.
Under this procedure we utilize Micro Needling to “stamp” the skin creating tiny channels along the surface. Then PRP is applied topically to the skin, allowing the full penetration of PRP deep down into the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin.

For more information about Micro Needling, click HERE.

Platelet Rich Plasma Facial (PRP)

PRP to minimize scars and stretch marks:

The micro needling based procedure also produces great results in terms of minimizing the appearance of both scarring and stretch marks:

  • Scarring: The micro needling is used to break up the fibrous tissues of the scar and the PRP spurs the growth of healthy tissue.
  • Stretch Marks: The micro needling creates damage over the thinned skin of the stretch mark. PRP then promotes growth of thicker skin.

Enhancing other treatments

PRP can also enhance the results of other kinds of facial rejuvenation treatments such as Thermage, Ultherapy and Fraxel. The growth factors in PRP increase the effectiveness of these procedures by further helping to tighten the skin.

Combining these two procedures results in a facial rejuvenation treatment that can literally take years off of the appearance of your skin! By applying the PRP ( platelet-rich plasma) to the micro-wounds created by micro-needling the repair process that is started by the micro-wounds is dramatically enhanced by the growth factors contained in the PRP!
Topically applying PRP enables it to get into more planes in the skin, compared to injections where the PRP is isolated to the injected area. Thus, the micro needling allows PRP to get into the skin more evenly affecting the total face rather than secluded sections.
Additionally, with topical application of PRP there is less pain and “down time” compared to injections. The treatment method is completely safe and ideal for all skin types.
The addition of PRP dramatically reduces healing time of the skin.  Since this procedure does not break down the epidermis there is no scarring and no down time! Your skin may appear pink with some mild discomfort for a day or two after the procedure. This procedure can also be done on virtually any part of the body including the face, chest, hands, arms and legs!


Want to turn back the hands of time? Reverse sun damage? Erase deep wrinkles and crow’s feet? How about erasing deep acne scars and pitting? Stretch marks? Finally, there is a surgical free option that achieves all these goals. The PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Facial also known as “Vampire Facial”, utilizes your own bodies healing ability to stimulate skin recovery and smoothing. Available as both an injectable and topical, PRP is on the cutting edge of regenerative therapies.